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We provide peer support opportunities for you.

Peer Support Group meetings

If you experience generalised anxiety, panic, excessive worry or fear and you are an adult, living in Suffolk you are welcome to join one of our Peer Support groups.

Peer Support groups are a place where a group of people who have a common experience/condition/problem can be together and share their experience/knowledge and to give and receive support from others. These groups have been described as a, "community of people tryring to help one another with some of life's hard problems." Each group meets for 10 sessions. Sessions are fortnightly.

Members of these groups usually join because they want to take some responsibility for coping with and managing their own problems and experiences. Group members work together to run the group. This is not a therapy group beacuse there are no "experts" leading or teaching the group.

You are the "expert" in your own life and only you know how it feels to live with Anxiety, Panic or stress. We also know that meeting with others who experience anxiety and live with it can be helpful, reassuring and encouraging. Spring peer support meetings offer a time to share, chat, gain support, perspective, peace and confidence.  Importantly it is a time and place to encourage and support others. Our combined experience and coping techniques are invaluable.

For peer support to be effective we strongly encourage people who have worked through their problems, learned to manage the effects of anxiety to keep coming to the group to show others that anxiety can get better. Peer group members are people for whom anxiety is the major issue they wish to gain support for. Group members are often working, raising families and have various responsibilities, others may not be working at the moment. All group members whatever form of anxiety they have need to be able to offer support, empathy and understanding for others with anxiety. Please understand that peer support offers a light 'touch' form of support and may not be suitable for you. For peer support to work group members need to be able to give support and encouragement. If you have anxiety that is affecting your life and limiting what you can do we strongly encourage you to see your GP for advice and support.

More details of them can be found on our Peer Support Group page. You will also find details of the Code of Conduct for these groups and Frequently Asked Questions.


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