About us

Our Mission; To provide support, reduce isolation, nurture growth and confidence for people affected by Anxiety. To educate ourselves and others about living with Anxiety, reduce barriers and challenge related negative assumptions.

Our Vision: To enable people affected by anxiety to grow, share and learn about anxiety and fulfil their potential. Spring refers to ideas of rebirth, renewal, energy and growth. That is the vision for this group and for your life with and after Anxiety.

SPRING was created in late 2011 and has a committed and experienced team of volunteers. SPRING is run by people who are, or have been, affected by anxiety and know how it can feel. We do not want you to feel alone or think that no-one else can possibly understand.  Your experience of anxiety is personal to you and we do cannot know exactly how you feel and are affected by it - only you can know that because you are living with it. However we do know how we feel when we have anxiety or panic attacks and we can empathise with you. We will listen and help you find some answers - where there are answers, and provide some ideas that may help you manage anxieties effects on your life.